The Social Scientists

Think. Build. Launch.


We handle all elements that make up a successful campaign. From scalable servers managing 100's to 100,000's of users, live monitoring systems, detailed analytics and full mobile compatibility with the latest devices. We cater to the largest brands in the world, creating detailed campaigns to help their user base flourish.

We experiment with the latest technologies, development and design from our labs to bring you the most compliant, cutting edge services available on the market.

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About Us

Today's world is even smaller, the 6 degrees of separation has become 4 with the rapid growth of social platforms. 6° Labs allows brands to harness this global connectivity for promotion and interaction with fans around the world. Building apps on scaling platforms, that are engineered for high traffic volumes, we give confidence and stability for high impact media campaigns. 6° Labs ensure the community conversation is positive and users engaged with interesting, innovative apps.